Automatic Chicken House Door Controller Cage Coop

Product Description:

(1) Timer and light control & four combination modes

The chicken house door opener is equipped with a timer and a light sensor, which can be combined with 4 working modes to switch arbitrarily. You can set the automatic door opening time (0:00-12:00) and closing time (12:00-23:00) of the door through the timer mode. In addition, in the light mode, there are 23 brightness intervals, and the door can also be closed and opened according to the light intensity.

(2) Super battery life 

Super upgraded circuit board system, only 4 1.5V ordinary batteries (the product does not include batteries), can last for 8 months.

(3) Easy installation & large LCD screen

We have upgraded the working interface of the display, the external buttons are easy to use, and the LCD screen is easy to read. Just follow the user manual and within 10 minutes you can learn how to set the door opening method according to the time or light and the working principle of closing the door.

(4) DIY innovative design & multi-scenario application

Our control box can pull 0.2-0.8 kg of doors or other configurations you need; you can not only control the travel of chickens but also control the feeding and drinking of chickens.

(5) Weather resistant & high-quality material:

Our automatic chicken coop door opener is composed of high-quality circuit boards and high-quality motors with antifreeze added. They are durable, so you can use them safely for many years.