Outdoor Patio Wood Fire Pits


Diasporawood fire pit is perfect to fit many people around for a bonfire in the patio, yard, or garden. This unique design fire pit makes it an ideal choice for heating, barbecue, and food on the patio, garden, and yard.  The beautiful, distressed bronze finish and lattice pattern on this steel hex-shaped pit add a rustic touch to any area. With a bowl deep enough to hold plenty of wood and a fire-retardant lid to help contain ashes, stay warm and comfortable through the night.

1. Rustic decoration: Hexagonal steel fire pit sports a distressed bronze finish and combines a tight steel mesh with decorative lattice for a unique addition to your outdoor decor
2. Wood fire pit: Steel risers at the base of the pit elevate the logs and promote airflow as you build a natural wood fire
3. Versatile: A simple, but effective way to bring comfortable warmth to your patio, landing, porch, or poolside
4. Built to last: Light, yet durable double-steel construction makes this fire pit a long-lasting outdoor heating solution
5. Flame-retardant spark guard: Mesh lid contains ashes, debris, and sparks for a safe and clean outdoor space

1. Overall Dimensions: 24"(L) x 24"(W) x 25"(H) / (62 x 62 x 64)cm
2. Lid: 21.25"(L) x 21.25"(W) x 9"(H) / (54 x 54 x 23)cm
3. Base: 18.5"(Dia) x 7.5"(H) / (47 x 19)cm
4. Bowl: 24"(Dia) x 8.5"(H) / (62 x 21.5)cm
5. Goods Weight: 15 lbs
6. Color: Black
7. Material: Steel Minimal Assembly Required

Package Includes:
1 x Fire Pits (Assembly Required)
1 x User's Manual